What’s the first step for a first time hunter?

The first thing you need to do if you would like to do any hunting in any state. Would be to get your hunter safety card.

On-line courses are available at Hunter-Ed.com California, HUNTERcourse.com California and International Hunter Education Association. The on-line course in itself will not get you a valid hunter education certificate. Once you have completed one of the above on-line courses, you will still need to attend a 4 hour follow-up home study/on-line class with a certified hunter education instructor. Access is permitted to the Home Study and On-line 4 hour follow-up class only after a student has completed the written Home Study or On-line component of the class.

Bow Hunting Classes

Comprehensive classes for bow hunters are available through the International Bow hunter Education Program.

These classes fulfill the requirements states other than California may mandate when individuals want to do any out of state archery hunting.

Please note that this class is separate from and is not required and does not apply to receiving your hunter safety certificate.

www.nbef.org has educational materials including the student manual and a distance learning course available on-line. If you are thinking of taking the online course or have taken the distance learning course and need a Field Day to complete the course work to receive your certificate

Here is the link for a home study http://www.dfg.ca.gov/huntered/classes.aspx

After you have your Hunter Safety card you can get your hunting Licenses. Keep in mind that some game you may need to get a “tag” for it. Of the top of my head you need a tag for Deer, Hog, Bear, Elk, Bobcat and Sheep. I think that is all of the tags in California. If I missed any please let me know.

Thanks Randy Koder for your question.

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