Where do we do our hog and Coyote hunts?

Hog Hunts.

The hog hunts I offer are mostly in central California and with that been said there is no one spot we always go to. So with that been said when you book a hog hunt with me one year and book again next year you maybe hunting on different land and not owned by the same people. The thing is that it is hard to get land leases here in California. So what I do is work out deals with other outfitter so you guys get the best deals. On top of that you guys get to hunt different areas of California and get the best price. Yeah you guys can book the same hunt with the other outfitter but you probably will not get the same deal I can offer. You may ask yourself how you can get a better deal if you book the hunt with me and not just book the hunt with them. Well that’s easy it’s all about the numbers. The more people you bring or more hunts you book with them they will give you a better price and that’s how I work things. Also you know that if I offer a hog hunt I have done my homework about the outfitter and the land to make sure you guys get what you pay for! So to sum it up my hog hunts are all over California. If you are a outfitter reading this and would like to talk to me about SoCal Guided Hunts teaming up with you please PM me.

Coyote Hunts.

This is a hard question as there are coyotes all over and a lot of BML land and forest to hunt and with that been said when we are hog hunting or really any type of hunting for that matter. They will let you shoot a coyote if you see it on their land. But here is a rundown of areas I hunt or have hunted. San Diego county, Cleveland National Forest, San Bernardino National Forest, San Jacinto National Forest, Lake Perris Wildlife and Los Angeles National Forest. All of these areas hold a lot of coyotes you just need to put some work in to know where the better spots are within these areas. Desert coyotes or coyotes that are taken in areas that don’t get snow don’t have the best hide so keep that in mind. If you want to get a nice coyote hide then hunt winter months where the snow is. I also hunt coyotes when I got back to Nebraska for deer season. Thanks to the guys that let me hunt on your land in Nebraska you know who you are! But one thing you will find when you’re out coyote hunting is that if you see private land with No Hunting signs and you see the rancher or a farm house close by. That if you stop and ask them if you can coyote hunt most of them will say YEAH shoot all of them. Second I have found that will help you get permission to hunt on peoples land is tell them you will walk on the land and by that I mean you will park by the gate or just inside the gate (never block the gate as you never know if the land owner needs to get in there when your there) and will walk from there. The reason I say this is over the years this rancher or farmer may have let people in to hunt and they don’t keep their truck on the trails. Keep in mind if this is a working ranch that “grass” to you is feed “money” to them and when you tell them you’re willing to walk it that shows them you care about their property but just want to hunt and you will not trash any land by driving on it. Once you get to know the rancher and he/she gets to know you he may tell you to drive on the trail to get to an area where he/she has been seeing coyotes. Also this may open doors for other hunting on their land as time goes on. But whatever you do DO NOT shoot anything but what you have permission for! Please share this post.

Thanks Luis for your questions.

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