Coyote Hunting Equipment


Coyotes can be taken at close distances with a shotgun. I would recommend a 12 gauge if you have one.


Coyotes can also be taken with various calibers of rifles. The most common would probably be the 223, 22-250, 25-06, and 243, but trust me the list goes on. You may already have a deer hunting rifle that will fit the bill.
Coyote rifle


Common Shotgun loads are 00 Buck, #4 Buck, and T-Shot. Steel Shot isn’t recommended for coyotes so we use Dead Coyote loads by Hevi-Shot. Rifle loads can be a complex subject due to your caliber of rifle, barrel twist and other factors. Ideally you want something that is going to make a small entrance wound and open fast so the coyote is taken out quickly.


If you already own camouflage then use it until you can afford something different or more suitable for the area you are hunting. The major thing to consider is using a complementary pattern. If you are hunting an area like a dessert you will want to have lighter tones. If you are hunting timber you will want darker tones to help you blend in better. This article will explain camouflage in more detail.


A good scope with clear optics is a huge plus in the world of coyote hunting. You will find that a lot of coyotes will hang up at a distance. It is very common to have to take shots out to 300 yards or farther depending on your shooting ability and caliber of rifle you are shooting. If you are hunting in open terrain binoculars are another plus. It is a definite advantage to spot a coyote coming in at a distance so you have the ability to adjust for the shot. Binoculars are not necessary to get in the sport of coyote hunting, but it will be an advantage to get a pair when you can afford them.

Coyote Calls

The most affordable call on the market is a mouth call. You can pick them up at most sporting good stores. Closed reed coyote calls are the easiest to learn and sound great. The best call you will ever get your hands on is a mouth call by Pure Predator. You can buy them on our website. Once your wallet gets a little heavier you can step into an electronic call that has a huge variety of sounds at your fingertips.

Coyote Decoys

Decoys aren’t necessary to get started with but you will find that they can be a great tool to improve your coyote hunts. Decoys are a great way to capture a coyotes attention when it is responding to a call. This is also a good way to take the coyote’s attention off of you. We use the Mojo Woodpecker, Mojo Woodpecker, and the Mojo Puppy.


Although a camera isn’t necessary to coyote hunt with, it is a lot of fun to record your memories. It is also a lot of fun to share the hunt with fellow hunters on our coyote hunting forum. I highly recommend taking a camera with you in the field.

As you get into coyote hunting and your passion for the sport grows like it has with the rest of us coyote hunters your coyote hunting equipment inventory will no doubt change and grow. This list is just the basic items you will need to give coyote hunting a try.

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