Animal Control

We also are Full Time Wildlife Control Company. We Are Paid By You The Consumer To Resolve Your Human-Wildlife Conflicts. If you have a domestic dog or cat problem or looking for free services try your local county animal control.


raccoon removal

Predators can quickly change the lives in any neighborhood or farm. These predators can prey on pets, young children and even enter your homes, barns etc.

coyote removal

Predators stalking, killing and maiming pets, poultry and livestock in SoCal ( Southern California ) remains a serious issue. Predatory animals sometimes habitually frequent areas such as schools, shopping malls, apartment complexes and residential areas, causing public safety concerns.

Desert Wildlife Services always recommends practical solutions to prevent predators from gaining access to domestic animals, but in some cases, it is best to remove the problem predator, or predators from the area in question.

In the SoCal ( Southern California ) area, coyotes and bobcats are the usual threats, although foxes, lions, bears, raccoons and skunks are problematic, as well.

SoCal Guided Hunts possesses the knowledge, skills, abilities and special tools to remove and control problem predators from urban and rural areas. We do so in a discreet manner and take great pride in our work.

Please do not hesitate to call us regarding the trapping and removal of coyotes, bobcats or any other predator causing damage or exhibiting the potential to cause damage to to your property, pets or well-being.

Bryan 951-522-8002

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