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I started hunting at the age of 10 with my father in Nebraska. Over the years I have worked on my skills to be a better hunter. In 2011 I started SoCal Guided Hunts more to teach people what I know more then as a business. I love to predator hunt and that is what I do the most. It is a great feeling seeing coyotes come running in to my call! I have lots of hunts around SoCal and have teamed up with other outfitters to offer you hunts that I may not have or do. So please just call or email me. I will be happy to help you!

Please enjoy my website and please call us anytime with any questions you have I love to talk about hunting. (Remember the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.) I look forward to hearing from you, and stay tuned to the website and facebook for all are hunting info, photos and video updates. Thank you for visiting are site and good luck on your next adventure no matter where it takes you.

Bryan Keenan


Why Hunt?

Many folks are asked to place into words the explanations why we tend to hunt. the matter is, the explanations and motivations that compel ME and plenty of others to hunt area unit pretty laborious to place into print. this can be my 1st try at explaining what drives ME to go into the woods every season.

What leaps to mind may be a quote from my father. somebody had asked him why he worshiped to hunt therefore much; what was therefore nice concerning being within the woods. His reply was, “If I actually have to elucidate it, you wouldn’t perceive.” This extremely sums up the sensation several folks have. A recent ad in many looking magazines shows a fellow festooned in camouflage, with the caption “You can’t justify it. however nothing would keep you from it.” Our lack of fluency on this subject may be a major think about the “bunny-huggers’” fight against our rights. The overwhelming majority of our people is hospitable suggestion on the subject of looking, and will take it or leave it. The actual fact that the anti-hunting crowd usually makes their claims public, with very little or no rebuttal from America hunters, can sway several of those neutral of us. It’s extremely a dialogue with one vocal participant, and therefore the claims created, whereas illogical and faulty, area unit the sole thoughts to ever reach several of those non-hunters. i think it’s time we tend to delved into ourselves and offered our thoughts, but abstract, to the non-hunting public for his or her thought.

The looking instinct is one amongst the foremost basic instincts of human race. After all, we tend to area unit the final word predator. Take a glance at “prey” animals. Their eyes area unit typically on the perimeters of their heads, affording a wider field of read. They lose some depth perception with this arrangement, however it helps them survive. Predators, on the opposite hand, characteristically have their eyes set approximate, terribly helpful for estimating the gap between he and his target. on the far side this, the urge to kill lies among America all, particularly as kids. while not correct channeling of those instincts, kids usually grow into physically abusive and/or bloody adults. will any folks honestly say that, as kids, we tend to didn’t shoot birds with our slingshots and BB guns, or set home-baked traps for different critters? I say that if you’ll say that, then you either ne’er had a chance as a toddler, or you’re associate degree exception to the rule of attribute.

The kill is that the fulfillment of the hunt. we tend to hunt to be alone, to look at life while not being discovered ourselves, to face one amongst the best challenges during this world: to require a wild animal on his own turf, victimization our brain and small else. Forget the wild tales you’ll have detected concerning “automatic” guns and telescopic sites. once it comes right all the way down to it, those things are not any smart unless you’ll produce a chance to use them. we tend to don’t swagger into the woods and remove Bambi once he humbly peeks from behind a tree. we’ve to use each sense, equally of expertise we’ve, and after we accomplish our goal, it’s a milestone. I once watched a videotape on looking that theorized that, on the common, if you’re looking and find an opportunity at a deer, that probability can last seven seconds. In my expertise, that’s shortly off. generally you’ll have longer, generally not that long, however seven seconds is simply concerning average. think about what it takes to be alert and prepared, associate degree to create an honest, clean shot on associate degree animal that invariably believes there’s danger behind each tree! In those seven seconds you need to verify that it’s, indeed, a legal animal, notice an opportunity to shoot (not straightforward once you’re in wooded country), and you need to typically stay unobserved by those roving eyes and swiveling ears. What a high! The hormone rush i buy from it’s like nothing else during this world. The fulfillment of long laborious hours of looking is certainly price it!

I scan a quote from a noted author once, although I can’t recall his name. The quote went one thing like this: “We don’t go looking to kill. we tend to kill so as to possess gone looking.” while not the kill, you aren’t looking. That doesn’t mean that you just got to kill each legal animal you see, however looking isn’t looking if you’re not there to kill. however to come back to the quote, one doesn’t go looking expressly for that purpose. looking is freedom, a tie to our ancestors, peace, happiness, happiness, joy, sweat, shut calls, exploring, hiking, stealth, boring, exhilarating, tiring, satisfying, difficult, and k different things. It’s there for you to find, and choose for yourself if you would like to require half in it. But please, “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.” That’s the sole manner you’ll ever understand of course.


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